Our teachings called Messages of Hope are based upon those Laws, which have been taught by Sages since time immemorial to a small, usually elite group. Ordinary people, however, can learn to apply the same principles daily in practical ways to improve their own lives if they're taught them.  However, in fact, most people already know them, they just don't know they know.             

 "And when you know that you know that you know. . ."

Our purpose is to help the world incorporate Truth teachings so deeply into our everyday lives that we, too, are healthier, wealthier and wiser.

Our vision is to see a growing crowd of Truth seekers joustling one another lovingly on their journey toward "God-consciousness," happily living the "abundant life" here and now. 


Williams Center of Truth (WCT) is a spiritual, educational, Christ-centered non-denominational church.

WCT Mission:  praying, healing, preaching and teaching Universal Principles or "Words of Truth" to men, women, and youth--regardless of ethnicity, creed, or location--such that all who aspire inwardly and "have ears to hear" might live a blessed life outwardly. 

"Whosoever will, let them come."


WCT -formerly known as A.C.M.E. or Ausar Center Church of Mystical Enlightenment-was founded in 1991. For more than 20 years, its scope of teaching and preaching ranged as far back as the history of the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt (Khemet) to the reach of Eastern thought and philosophy. With a focus on how these ancient teachings have influenced modern religious instruction, modern values and the belief systems of western society.