Rev. Leatrice J.W. Emeruwa, EdD

God called me to minister and share His/Her Messages of Hope with both young and old. I live the good life that Jesus promised us all, but I believe that most of us suffer because we have a lack of knowledge of the Universal Laws that govern the universe. This certainly was true of my life. As long as I was ignorant, I suffered hellishly. Only when I was blessed to join a class with a wonderful, intelligent and spiritual teacher, and began following as best I could the Truth being taught, did life begin to get better. As I learned to believe and do better, life, indeed, got better! I’m reaching my peak—preaching, teaching and poetizing, ‘I’m lovin’ it.’” I know I’m the only Preacher-Poet of Cleveland, Ohio and probably I’m the only one in this entire country.
— Rev. Dr. Leatrice Emeruwa


Ordained a Spiritualist Minister by Fellowships of the Spirit (Cassedega, NY) in 1996. Rev. Dr. Emeruwa founded Ausar Center Church and the Center as an outgrowth of five years of study at the Johnnie Colemon Institute (JCI, Chicago, IL), becoming one of the first three certified teachers for its newly organized church in Cleveland, OH (Living Truth For Better Living).  Before JCI Rev. Dr. Emeruwa was active as a Religious Science Practitioner and teacher at the Universal Church of Religious Science for which she helped write its charter in 1982.